To my freshman self: Keep savoring the moments, time never slows down

It is amazing how fast time can fly. The day I moved to Auburn to start college was a day when I thought this life chapter will be steady. I could not have been more wrong. Do not blink because four years is not a long time.


In that picture, I was 19, eager to get to Auburn. Now, I am almost 23, not feeling as eager to find a job. Looking at that photo, I want to tell my freshman self that time never slows down. Even though college lasts at least four years, it will never change the fact that every day is another day closer until you transition into adulthood. Savor as many moments as you can. Memories you wish to not savor, forget them and turn your focus back to the good feelings. There have been plenty of great times and just a few times I wish to not remember.

There are absolutely no choices I have made that I wish I could do over. Why should you think about time traveling back to your wrong decisions? It is better to take every life choice as a learning experience. Good and bad. They are  your stepping stones. They are your teaching lessons of how you want to see and walk through the world.

lsugame london

These are the two memories I would want to share with freshman me. He probably would be too impatient to wait until senior year for these pictures to be taken.

The first photo was taken last September in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at an Auburn football game against LSU. It was my first and only road trip to see an away Auburn football game. This one stands out among many of the great football memories because I was able to share it with two of my closest friends. The game result itself is not something to remember, but to be able to see a different school in their own game day spirit was something unique. The Southeastern Conference is pretty spread out, so traveling for a weekend is an accomplished feat.

The second photo was taken in London on a public relations study abroad course. The program lasted just two weeks, but it was an experience my freshman self would not be able to wait for. Our class was able to see the newsroom at the Daily Mirror and the broadcasting floor at the British Broadcasting Company. Along with the business end of the trip, we were able to tour the city on a double-decker bus, and see some of London’s greatest attractions. These places included, the London Eye, the Tower of London, and Westminster Abbey. This was my first time traveling abroad and I was glad to start in Europe, where I have always wanted to go.

A lot can happen in four years, but no matter what it is, it will not slow your life down. Whatever you find enjoyment in, savor it. Whatever you find regret in, forget it. Every day I have spent at Auburn is a day I would never trade.