Breaking relationships are crisis: Let’s manage them!

College relationships. It’s pretty difficult to classify them as wonderful times or more times being in limbo. You don’t want to be in a limbo relationship, especially when Valentine’s Day is almost here. Valentine’s Day is about expressing the feelings you have for your significant other and showing him or her your love through actions beyond their desire. However, we aren’t here to discuss the sensations you feel in a relationship, but more so the actions you must take when relationship walls start to crumble. Yes, it can happen even around Valentine’s Day.

In public relations, a practitioner in crisis management must have all hands on deck when disaster strikes. The practitioner’s planning takes five steps into consideration. The best time to plan for a crisis is before it crisis begins, and these steps can help prevent a one. A breaking relationship is our crisis, and just like a crisis, we know all college students are unpredictable. If we tie in the five planning steps to a breaking relationship, then maybe a breakup can be resolved.

1) Focus on the effort

When you feel the uneasiness of a commitment, start asking yourself questions about what you think is best. Is this going anywhere? Am I happy? Are they happy? After answering those questions, turn your focus to the effort your going to put in. Let’s pretend you still want to be committed. The effort is to weave the problem back to a perfectly woven basket. As PR practitioners focus their efforts on preventing a crisis, a couple must focus their effort on rekindling the relationship. This process may take time, but once you speak and hear the romantic comments flow, the groundwork is complete.
2) Improve effectiveness
Guys, remember the small things you would say to your girl when she wakes up in the morning? “My, you look beautiful today” Girls, remember placing your hand on his shoulder after he’s had a stressful day, just to let him know you’re there for him? Oh, your relationship never had that? Well, there’s your problem kids. Improve your effectiveness on not just the small things, but try everything. Whatever you did to make them feel better in the past can be done better right now. Example: Guys, if you’ve taken them out to dinner, do it again, but add room for an ice cream.
3) Encourage long-term view
Are you happy and do you really want this to work? If so, then you may read this step. I don’t how long you’ve been committed, but maybe, just maybe, there’s a chance your relationship works out for the best. This isn’t the best step, there is no best step, but during a break-up the question about future usually surfaces. So why not encourage just talking about it? You never how compatible you two may be.
4) Minimize mishaps
PR practitioners in marketing never want to see these. A mishap of either a working accident or worse, a product recall. All relationships have their mishaps. They’re unintentional and shouldn’t be focused on for too long. Accidents happen and there will be plenty of them such as miscommunication and timeliness. When you’re trying to rekindle a relationship, don’t blame the accidents that happened but be prepared to prevent them as both of you move forward.
5) Reconciling the conflict
Is the relationship restored? Are you two coexisting in harmony? Whatever you want to ask, there should be progression at this point. Maybe the conflict won’t be entirely resolved, but all the steps summarize into performing one action, putting your significant other before you. Try this process next time you’re at the breaking point. It’s your exam guide that won’t lead you to pull an all-nighter. It just might lead you back to their arms and hearing these soft words.
Happy Valentine’s Day!