Major still undecided? Try PR. Here’s why

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Do not think you are in reverse if you just started college and are undecided on a major. Freshman year is about getting your feet wet, learning the ropes by attending every class and not missing a beat on turning in assignments. Let it be an experience, but you will have to decide on your future soon enough. I should know, it took me almost two years to find my major, after changing it several times. I decided to pursue public relations (PR) and have not looked back since. This field of study is for anyone, so here are just a few reasons why I think you should consider a career in PR.

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1. Marketing is narrow-minded, PR broadens the spectrum
Marketing is about selling a certain product to your customers, but PR is about selling an organization. If you worked for Coca-Cola’s marketing department, you would focus on trying to sell Coke, the aluminum can drink. A job in Coca-Cola’s PR department wants you to sell Coke as the company. The PR field wants you to focus on visions and values. While marketing drives sales of a product, PR drives awareness, intent and the values of why your clients should do business with you. Instead of working to sell the drink, you could create a campaign on why other businesses should invest in Coca-Cola, company.

2. Agency or corporate? The choice is yours
When you look for a job as you near graduation, consider what type of business you want to work in. With a PR degree, you can choose to work in a corporate or agency life, but what’s the difference? Do you like a fast-paced or a slow-paced job? Corporate is where things happen more slowly. It may take longer to complete your projects and find your resources, but you will have a better understanding of the company you are in. You will discover the company’s culture and your job role while becoming more stable, but corporate life does lack variety. Agency life is the complete opposite. It is fast-paced, decision-making is quicker and you continue to learn everyday. In fact, everyday at work is never the same. You will be handing the business of dozens of clients, and they want to hear your strategic advice. If you like the fast-paced lifestyle, agency¬†life might be for you, but do not rule out a corporate career. You likely be working for over 40 years, so consider your options and be open to trying both, you only live once.

3. You probably will not be in the same company forever.
I consider this a good thing. I am expecting my future to take sudden turns plenty of times. I do not want to retire at the agency I started out at. I do not even want to hang my hat in the same city I started in. I want my life to take unexpected twists. Instead of working for one company or agency, I am expecting to retire with at least three jobs under my belt. PR is full of opportunity and if you get stuck in one place, you may miss the opportunity to go elsewhere. Do not waste it, a career in PR can make everyday sound fun, you just have to roll with it.

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